What is a Festival?

Festival is defined by google search as “an organized series of concerts, plays, or films, typically one held annually in the same place.” I can’t speak to annually, but the place we are performing in the Internet. Oh, and we are doing live shows only so film is unlikely unless the performers are in front of a pre-recorded backdrop.

What are Performing Arts?

Performing arts means arts or skills that are a performance in front of a live audience. Examples of performing arts include acting, comedy, dance, magic, mime, opera, public speaking, singing, spoken word.

What does “Open Access” mean?

“Open Access” also known as “Unjuried” or “Uncurated” means that anyone can present a live show or event in the festival.

We don’t restrict people from performing anything that’s legal.

Other than requesting live shows only, we don’t vet the content of shows.

I have a different question

We can’t answer all questions in a FAQ, feel free to send it to us as a Facebook message.