Do I have to be visible during my performance?

No. You could provide live audio for a pre-recorded video, or even just do an audio only event.

If you’re doing something like live gaming you would probably prefer to stream the game.

Live drawing? Show the art as it appears.

Do I have to be doing something live? Could I do an animation?

Each performance needs to have a live component to distinguish us from pre-recorded video libraries, but it is acceptable to mix live performance with pre-recorded material.

You could (for example) use green screen, aka chroma key, to place yourself live into an animation or you could have a full animation & provide the voice live.

Can you help me find an existing group?

Short answer, no.

Longer answer, we understand our art form, the further you get from that we have increasing difficulty sorting out a good example of a genre from a bad one.

Longest answer, we can’t help much but we would be open to creating some type of “performer looking for event”, “event looking for performer” list and leaving people to it. If you would benefit from one of these lists message us & we’ll see what we can do.

Can I present a work in progress?

As long as you are clear about it in your description, your event can be any performing art form. A work-in-progress such as readings from a partially written novel or book of poetry counts.

May I do something with another person?

Of course. We’re doing a play with 4 people in it. Groups have more than one person. Comedy skits typically have more than one.

Can I do multiple things?

For example, poetry one day & instrumental music the next?

You could do multiple different shows. The audience would expect to know what the show is going to be, so it would probably be best to make them different shows in the Fringe.

Can I Busk?

Several real life festivals support street performers, usually for a reduced or no registration fee.

We’d like to do this, but haven’t yet found out how to make it work.

How do I perform?

You need to live stream your show. There’s a number of technologies for this. Zoom, YouTube & Facebook live streaming seem popular, but each has its advantages & drawbacks.

If there’s just one of you and you don’t move around very much a set up as simple as Zoom or Facebook live streaming from a phone propped up with books or a laptop webcam might do.

If you have a group of creatives in the same room or you move around a lot you might find you need a camera operator.

If you have several creatives in different locations it gets complicated. We’ll come up with a guide later.