Can you help me find cast members?

Short answer, no.

Longer answer, we understand our art form, the further you get from that we have increasing difficulty sorting out a good example of a genre from a bad one.

Longest answer, we can’t help much but we would be open to creating some type of “performer looking for event”, “event looking for performer” list and leaving people to it. If you would benefit from one of these lists message us & we’ll see what we can do.

I want to run two shows. Do I have to pay you twice?

Until at least the end of June you can register your show for free so the following will only be relevant if you register after then & we need to resume entry fees.

It depends what you mean by two (or 3, 4, 5 …) shows.

If you mean you want to run the same show on successive days, the timetabling software we’re using calls that a recurring event and we count that as the same show.

If it’s improv, no two shows are the same, but as long as the title and description are unchanged , it’s one show to us. no extra payment.

If you mean you want to run the same show in more than one season during the festival (e.g. to cater for different time-zones), our software will treat those as different shows, but as long as the title and description are unchanged we will treat them as one show, no extra payment.

If you are producing two shows that look different to potential audiences then, yes they are different to us as well, you’ll need to pay twice.

How do I get paid?

Sell tickets or ask for donations (e.g. “Pay what you like” or “koha”).

Many ticketing companies will handle tickets for virtual events & you can get them to mail out access keys (Invitations) to audience members.

Eventbrite, for one example, seems to handle this well.

If you live in a country for which is available you can ask for donations with a simple URL pasted to your page or live stream. It will look something like

If you’d like a simple “Buy Now” or “Donate” button on your event’s page, we have written a custom PayPal helper to add these buttons, described here.

Unfortunately we have no equivalent to yet. If there’s enough interest we could have a try at implementing one. Ask in the Producers and Performers Facebook group.

How do I register my show?

There is a registration form that you need to complete once you know the details of your show.

You will need to follow something like the following steps (Full details in the linked page)

  1. Decide what sort of event you want to present and when
  2. Give it a name and write a description
  3. Create a graphics hero image for it
  4. Decide how you will stream it & if necessary register it with your preferred streaming service
  5. If you are ticketing your event, register it with an appropriate ticketing service
  6. Optionally create a Facebook event making Virtual Fringe a co-host for it
  7. Enter your event in our database.
  8. Send us the appropriate entry fee (If we restart charging)
  9. We’ll check your event listing & may have some follow up questions
  10. We make your event live once everything’s OK
  11. Perform it.