With so much real-world entertainment shut down by Covid-19 restrictions. We are proud to present live entertainment streamed from the artists-at-home to the audiences-at-home.

The Virtual Fringe Festival will run from August 14 to September 7 2020 NZ time, It will probably still be the 13th in the USA when we start though.

Virtual Fringe Festival is an open access performing arts festival held live on the Internet coordinated by Performer Power (Tessa & Julia Clement).

  • Open access, also known as unjuried or uncurated, means anyone can put any legal live show on. Other than requesting live shows only, we don’t vet the content of shows.
  • Performing arts means arts or skills that are a performance in front of a live audience. Examples of performing arts include acting, comedy, dance, magic, mime, opera, public speaking, singing, spoken word.
  • Festival is defined by google search as “an organized series of concerts, plays, or films, typically one held annually in the same place.” I can’t speak to annually, but the place we are performing in the Internet. Oh, and we are doing live shows only so film is unlikely unless the performers are in front of a pre-recorded backdrop.

Our ambition is to give performers and audiences the opportunity to share the art.

Have an idea for a show? Great, we’d love to see it produced. Here’s how to enter the festival. Registration in the festival is now free until at least June 30th

We have tips on live streaming your shows and will be producing more as the festival gets closer.

Follow us on Facebook or at least take our Twitter feed and we’ll alert you to important things there. or just come back here occasionally.