Bex’s Chainsaw Moussaka (WIP) New Zealand show

22/08/2020 @ 9:00 pm – 9:45 pm New Zealand –

Some meaty layers between those aubergines.

Date(s) - 22/08/2020
9:00 pm - 9:45 pm New Zealand (Pacific/Auckland)


Tags alternative-comedy, characters, comedy, impressions, jokes, laughs, puns, stand-up, storytelling, wordplay

Rebekka Turner Presents:

Bex’s Chainsaw Moussaka 

There’ll be no storytelling, no deep meaning about relationships, no moral messages near the end…BUT there might just be quickfire jokes, dark wordplay, oddball characters, off-the-wall impressions and – if you’re lucky – some meaty layers between those aubergines.

Rebekka is back in force with her new high energy stand-up/character work in progress comedy show full of nonsense, comic turns and lots of weird stuff you weren’t expecting – guaranteed! Come with her on an unexpected whimsical journey as she tries to better fit in.

She is an up and coming act who is well versed in eccentric stand-up and is known for her celebrity impressions that are peppered in to her performances. She was a Quarter Finalist for Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2018, won the Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe Award 2018 and was a Runner Up for the Alternative New Comedian of the Year 2016.

16+ (as there are grown up topics and some swearing)

A 40-45 minute WIP comedy show

22nd August 21:00-21:45pm (NZT)

Streamed via Facebook Live to on her comedy fanpage:

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