How do I register my show?

There is a registration form that you need to complete once you know the details of your show.

You will need to follow something like the following steps (Full details in the linked page)

  1. Decide what sort of event you want to present and when
  2. Give it a name and write a description
  3. Create a graphics hero image for it
  4. Decide how you will stream it & if necessary register it with your preferred streaming service
  5. If you are ticketing your event, register it with an appropriate ticketing service
  6. Optionally create a Facebook event making Virtual Fringe a co-host for it
  7. Enter your event in our database.
  8. Send us the appropriate entry fee (If we restart charging)
  9. We’ll check your event listing & may have some follow up questions
  10. We make your event live once everything’s OK
  11. Perform it.