Entering The Fringe

Got an idea for an event, show, performance, whatever in the Virtual Fringe? Good, as long as it’s legal, here’s how to get it in. Please ensure you have read and agree with our registration terms and conditions for naming and image restrictions. All links on this page open in a new tab, so you can easily come back. NB We tend to use the terms Show and Event interchangeably please don’t think we are distinguishing between different types of events.


Your event needs a name. 1 to 10 words will do.

You’ll also need a description of it. No real limit, but a couple of hundred words is probably good.

You need to decide when to do it. Anywhere between 14 August and 7 September is in the festival. Times are also important. Pick show times that will suit you and your target audience(s)

You should have a banner image for it. This needs to be a jpeg (.jpg) preferably 1200 pixels wide by 628 high. This is also the preferred size for Facebook events so it can be dual use. If you don’t have access to an image editor that will resize images, you can create your Facebook event, view it then save the banner image to disk and upload that. When I tried this, I got an image 960×523, which is the same shape as 1200 wide by 654 high which is close enough that your page will still look OK.

You now have everything you need to register your event.


If you are ticketing your event, register it with an appropriate ticketing service. The ticket service’s URL will be useful for both Facebook & for us.

Add to Facebook.

First step. Like the Virtual Fringe Facebook page, then invite everyone you know to like the page. For this festival to work we need maximum number of eyes on everyone’s events.

While you’re at it, it’s probably a good idea to join our Virtual Fringe Producers & Performers Facebook group. It’s a good place to ask for help if you have problems during setup.

Create a Facebook event for your event. You created practically all the information you need in the Preparation step above. When creating it, mark Virtual Fringe as a co-host. This means that once approved, your event will be listed on our Facebook page. More eyes on your event can get you a bigger audience.

Create a user on Virtual Fringe.

To add your event to the fringe you need to be logged in to our (WordPress) site. Click on the “… menu” then scroll down to the bottom and select “Join” . This window will open up:

Enter a user name that isn’t already taken & give your email address. Please note that once set up you can’t change your user name, choose wisely. Your user name will be visible to others so choose something positive that won’t put your target audience off. We reserve the right to remove offensive names. We will send you an email with a link you follow to set your password (Hint: If you don’t see it, check spam).

Log In

Add your event to Virtual Fringe.

Once you log in, you will see a menu on the left.

The screen that opens up is your profile. You can add information about yourself if you want. We’re not fussed. Click on Events & you will see this.

Click on Add Event and you will get this screen.

Title is your event’s name. The editor area is for your event’s description. If you want to have a PayPal “Donation” or “Buy Now” in the description, we have an add-in to create them.

On the right is the date and time of the event. If you are running on successive days at the same time, enter both dates and it will automatically span the days.

Make sure you set the timezone as appropriate for your intended audience.

It’s a good idea to save your drafts as you go along. You can come back later to finish.

Under save draft are these buttons. You don’t need them yet, but come back later. When you have your event as you want it, Submit for Review will send it to us for approval and making live.

This is a short “teaser” for the event that appears in lists. 30 words is good, as we refine the website we may shorten this a bit. The full Excerpt appears in bold above your banner picture in the full event description.

People on the site can search on tags. Unlike Categories (below) you can create your own tags if you like.

A couple of options. We always turn comments off for our own events, preferring to have comments on our Facebook events. Your show, your choice.

This is the main table of contents of the festival directory. Please tick all that apply. If we don’t have a category for your event, please note this at the start of the description above & we will add it in during the approval process.

Ignore Paypal Transaction we are not charging for registrations.

TimezoneArea: Has been retired. The official timezone names are opaque. This was a user friendly name for the official timezone you entered above. We now generate that automatically for selected timezones.

The remaining entries in this block are links that appear at the bottom of your event’s listing. The “…Word” one is what is displayed & the “…URL” is where the link will point. We’re working on retiring these and using a better method, when we do we’ll edit existing events to switch them over.


  1. You might find it easier to create your own links in the event description
  2. If you don’t use one of these links, just put a dot (“.”) in its “…Word” field. It will be less obvious to the user.

This is where you upload your 1200×628 banner image you created during the preparation stage. Click on “Set featured image” and this screen will open

Upload your file then click on “Set featured image”. If you change your mind, “Set featured image” changes to “Remove featured image”, click that and try again.

You’re done. We strongly suggest you click on the Preview button next to the save draft button (above), and when you are happy with your event , click the button and you’re done.

If you want to do more than one season

Wait until we have approved your event, then edit it and click the “Duplicate event” link next to the “Submit for review” button. This makes a new event. Just change the dates & time zones then submit that for review.

Now come the hard bits.

Just kidding, you know what you are going to do, get out there, market it and perform it.

Good luck.