Free Registration

We have decided to make registration free(ish) at least through the end of June.

What do we mean by free(ish)?

It means you won’t need to pay us money to be in the festival but there are things we’d like you to do instead.

We’ll need to fund this in other ways. but it also means that we aren’t going to have the funds for advertising, at least in the early stages.

What effect will this have on the festival?

A festival needs 3 things:

  • People producing events or shows.
  • An audience for those events & shows.
  • A way to connect the audience to the shows

We were going to use most of the early registrations to pay to advertise the festival to attract performers and the rest to pay for temps and services.

We were going to use a reasonable chunk of later registrations to attract audiences.

We won’t have that money now.

What would we like you to do instead of paying?

First, if you’re a Facebook user, please go to Facebook, like our page & invite all your fans and colleagues to do the same. The more people we can attract now, hopefully the more people we will be able to convince to produce or attend shows.

If you’re thinking of doing a show in Virtual Fringe, register it earlier rather than later. The more shows that are registered, the better the festival looks to potential producers, and the more likely it is to attract audiences.


We’ve reduced what we expect to spend. To make some income we have requested a Patreon page and will publish our Paypal account. We will really appreciate any donations people care to make.

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