PayPal Helper

Want to get paid or ask for a donation through PayPal?

We’ve built a little helper you can put on your show / event’s page to give you a “Buy Now” or “Donate” button or link.

To use this, place the [vffpaypal options ] short code in your page and it will be replaced by a little button. options are:

  • email=”” Required, must match your PayPal account
  • currency=”code” Required, must be a currency your PayPal account is set up to receive. Enter in capitals, e.g. USD, GBP, NZD, etc
  • price=”10″ Optional, if 0 or not given, a donation link and button will be created, otherwise a buy now link will be created
  • title=”Something to show the customer & go on your transaction log” Optional, if not given your page title will be used.
  • type=”link” or type=”form” Optional. If not given, or type=”form”, a button will be created otherwise a link that can be placed inline in your text.
  • debug=”html” Optional. Causes the html that will be inserted in your page to also be displayed. Intended to be useful during development and not recommended in actual event pages but could be useful for diagnostics if your paypal link doesn’t work.

Note: there should be no spaces between the option name, the = sign and the value. There must be at least 1 space after the ” that ends each option.


NB: Don’t click the buttons they will actually take you to PayPal.

Example: Donate to in British £.

[vffpaypal currency="GBP" email=""]

which produces

Example: Pay NZ $12.34 to

[vffpaypal currency="NZD" price="12.34" email=""]

which produces