Produce or Perform

Got an idea for an event in the Virtual Fringe? Good, as long as it’s legal and follows our rules, we’d like to help make it possible.

Our experience with live streamed performances has been as producers and performers of stand-up comedy. Hopefully it’s not too far removed from what other people want to do.


You will be performing live into a camera. You audience will be watching you live on a streaming service such as Zoom, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Twitch or YouTube Live.

Specifics of how to use differ depending on the streaming service you choose to use, but one very important thing to consider is if you need audience feedback during the show, and if so do you need to hear them. For example, many stand up comedians expect to hear laughter as a way of knowing how they are doing and how long to pause. It can be confusing to them not to hear it. Conference systems such as Zoom and Jitsi allow this instant feedback.

We’re currently researching available streaming services & hope to provide some useful information in the new facilities. You can register your show now and change the way you stream closer to the event.


90% of producing a show in Virtual Fringe is the same as producing a show in any fringe festival. We make some things simpler. For example, you don’t need to negotiate with a venue. Click here for a list of differences we’ve identified.

One of the biggest things you’ll need to work out is how to monetize the show. So far we’ve seen 3 approaches:

  • Sell tickets through a normal online ticketing service, email a link to the show to ticket purchasers. Pros: Can usually get a list of email addresses from the service, some even allow you to bulk email through them. Cons: Hidden (or not so hidden) charges.
  • Sell tickets at a fixed price through PayPal or a similar service, email a link to the show to purchasers: Pros: Fees are much less. Cons: I think there’s a lot of manual processing to obtain a list of attendees.
  • Ask for donations through PayPal, Tip Jar, Buy Me a Coffee or similar. Fees vary by service provider but similar to selling tickets through PayPal. Same Pros & Cons as that.

We hope to provide some useful information on monetization and ticketing buttons in the near future. You can register your show now and change the way you sell closer to the event.